Exploring Cat & Dog Nutrition Podcast

The Exploring Cat Dog Nutrition Podcast is based on a lecture series and soon to be released book by the same title authored by Sean B. Jones.

Season one episodes focus on understanding the myths and actual truth about the pet food industry, common food related health problems and different nutritional strategies to combat issues, like sensitive stomachs, allergies, tooth decay, liver, kidney and pancreatic disease, cancer and many other food and nutrition related health conditions. 

We will explore the actual nutritional requirements of cats and dogs and how to identify good quality foods.

At the end of the first season, we will get you ready for future seasons of Exploring Cat and Dog Nutrition as we dive deeper into the pet food industry with interviews with owners of some of the most innovative and respected pet food companies, integrated veterinarians, leading researchers in pet nutrition, and most importantly we will always include pet parents and put your questions and experiences in the forefront of all episodes.  


<strong>Sean B. Jones</strong>, MS, MBA
Sean B. Jones, MS, MBA

Sean is certified in pet nutrition, canine herbalism & raw feeding and author to the soon to be released book “Exploring Cat & Dog Nutrition”. He is also the co-owner of What’s In The Bowl Pet Shops and Raw Dog Barkery. Sean is a licensed psychotherapist, and a former FBI special agent and healthcare executive. He has two master’s degrees and has a passion for educating pet parents about biologically appropriate foods & supplements. Sean is also the executive director of Whats In The Bowl Forum – A Wisconsin 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization: Providing discussion, education and opportunities for pet parents to explore current species appropriate nutrition, wellness, treatment and training options for their pets. Sean lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin with his wife Amy (co-owner of Whats In The Bowl Pet Shops & Raw Dog Barkery) and their three golden retrievers Bonnie, Clyde & Stella and cats Monica & Chandler.

Sean is available for podcast interviews and in-person presentations/lectures/trainings.

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